My professional training has prepared me to provide psychotherapy from a systems perspective for individuals, couples, and families. This perspective looks at the individual and individual problems in the context of their family, organzation, or relationships. In session we explore and assess how the system deals with:

How we experience (individually and systemically) these factors impacts our view of the past and the vitality of the present and the future.

All human systems have:
  • personalities
  • developmental life stages
  • relationships
  • resources
  • characters
  • values
  • means of self-perpetuation
Questions that are generated from these system components are:
  • How do these operate in your personal system?
  • How well does the system deal with pain, loss, and conflict?
  • Can it make significant decisions to support long and short term plans?
  • Does it reward positive behavior, celebrate success, share power, and focus on performance?
Individual adjustment within the system usually produces change in the whole system. In session I attempt to help those present to consider new possibilities for interaction using their own stengths and creativity.

I also am well trained in addictions counseling using motivational enhancement , cognitive behavioral, and 12 step recovery techniques. These techniques have proved effective with those who struggle with addictive behaviors such as substance abuse, sexual addiction, and eating disorders.

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