Standard & Managed Care Fee Schedule

My standard fee is $135.00 per clinical hour I work with various insurance plans, but mostly as an "out of network" provider. This means that I am not subject to their fee rate adjustments. If I am "in network" with your insurance company, then I accept their rate schedule rather than my standard fee.

In addition to clinical sessions, I offer the following services:
  • Report and letter writing: $100.00/ hr. I will pro rate this activity to the quarter hour. Various reports include: Substance Abuse Evaluations (non-DWI), Mental Status Exam, etc.

  • Consultations, physician referrals, school conferences, etc.: $50 per ½ hr. Consultations are becoming increasingly important because of the benefit of a "team approach" to problem solving. A physician referral necessitates a report and often requires a verbal communication. A Release of Information form must be signed prior to the exchange of any information. Visits to other professionals’ offices or schools must include travel time in addition to time spent in consultation.

  • Telephone Calls. I do not prefer to do counseling via telephone; I maintain a very efficient schedule and am only personally able to receive emergency calls. I prefer you to leave me a message on my voicemail and I will do my best to return your call within 24 hrs. If, however, you must do a consultation over the phone I will charge $25 per ¼ hr for that service.

  • Court Appearances, testimony, depositions, or expert opinions: $1000.00 per day or any part thereof when one week or more notice (including a subpoena) is received. $1500.00 per day or any part thereof, when less than one week's notice (including a subpoena) is received. Due in full on the date of service. These services are not reimbursable by insurance carriers.

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