Is what I talk about in therapy private and confidential?

All information disclosed within sessions is confidential and may not be revealed to anyone without your written permission except where disclosure is required in the following circumstances:
  • In North Carolina, disclosure is required by law if I have reasonable suspicion or knowledge that a child (a person under the age of 18) or an elder (someone 65 years or older) or a dependent adult (someone with a physical or mental limitation that restricts his or her ability to carry out normal activities of daily living) is the victim of abuse or neglect.

  • If I have reasonable cause to believe that you may be dangerous to yourself or that you are threatening serious bodily harm to another or to the property of another, it may be necessary to disclose confidential information in order to prevent the threatened danger. This may involve seeking hospitalization for you or contacting family members or others who can help provide protection for you. In the case of potential harm to others, this may involve notifying the potential victim, notifying the police, or seeking appropriate hospitalization for you.

  • Disclosure may also be required pursuant to a legal proceeding. In situations in which you claim that your emotional condition is or was an important element, I may be required to provide confidential information or give testimony. Be aware that if you waive the Privilege (i.e., your right to confidentiality) related to a legal proceeding, you waive it in full, and all that you have disclosed in therapy can become part of the legal record.
Occasionally I participate in case conferences or seek consultation on a case with another professional. Although case details are discussed with other professionals at such times, names and identifying data are not revealed. Furthermore, the consultant is also legally bound to keep all information confidential.

Unless you object, I will not tell you about these case conferences or consultations unless I feel it is important to our work together.

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